**About Me💖**

HEY WORLD!! My name is Antoinette and welcome to my page Hott Mess 2 Success-ish. I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and recovering alcoholic. I wanted to make a page for people who are going through recovery, mental health , addiction or just need a safe place to actually express how they feel with out judgement, from people going through the same problems in life . I am 4 years into my recovery journey and I fought like hell these last 4 years but it was worth every minute of it. People who have never dealt with addiction or mental health issues think they know exactly what you need to do to feel better or “normal” NEWS FLASH! There is no such thing as normal. I wanted to tell my story because if it can help at least one person in life, than I did my good deed. So if you find yourself down and needing a supportive friend to talk to. Please feel free to contact me. We all gotta stick together in this!

One thing you may notice through out my blogs is there are a lot of song references. Music fuels my soul. It is one of the main things that helped get me through my recovery. Just being able to blast a song in my ear buds and zone out is one of the things that helped keep me calm, sane. No matter what kind of mood you are in. There is ALWAYS a song for it.

I hope you enjoy this roller-coaster which I call my life “Hott Mess 2 Success”

Much love

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