My beautiful daughter Emily wanted to make a post on my blog because she too likes to write her feelings down. Love that she wants to help kids who have anxiety like her too

Hi, I am Emily, and this is me! I worry a lot and I am not sure why. I get sad and angry easily. Things that make me angry are when my brother is mean to me, when I mess up, and when people yell. I do not like when people get sad because I feel bad, and it makes me sad. My favorite things are unicorns, dogs, books, blankets, and my family! My mommy helps me when I am sad because she cuddles with me, my daddy helps by making me laugh, and my brother helps by being funny. My best friend is my dog Sparky. He is cute and fluffy. When I am sad, he licks me and lets me hug him. We like to fall asleep together. I like to make people happy, I don’t care if I get rewards and treats, I just want people to be happy without having to give me stuff in return. I hope you enjoyed my story!! 😊


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